Cinematic Synth Wave Pack

Cinematic Synth Wave Pack

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3 cinematic synthwave tracks with future 80s feel for vintage projects, retro style movies or epic videos.
It engages audience with its retro future feel, epic emotional atmosphere and futuristic 80s style record vibes.
80s beat, vintage analog synthesizers, retro electronic vibes and dreamy futuristic vibes retro future feel.

This pack will really set the tone for any vintage nostalgic style videos or vhs 80s movies.

MOOD: epic, vintage music, emotional and bright, nostalgic and futuristic.
FEATURES: 80s beat, analogue vintage synthesizers
GENRE: Cinematic Synthwave Music.
SUITED FOR: it’s an epic and nostalgic pack, this could provide a great background track for a wide range of project work including:

  • 80’s vlog opener
  • Retro style podcast show
  • Vintage showreel videos
  • Nostalgic movies \ film soundtrack
  • Retrospective youtube commercial and more
List of included files:
  1. Cinematic Synth Wave
    • Cinematic Synth Wave – 2:15
    • Cinematic Synth Wave Minute Mix – 1:04
    • Cinematic Synth Wave Short Mix – 0:32
    • Cinematic Synth Wave Loop – 0:23

  2. 80’s Film
    • 80’s Film – 2:15
    • 80’s Film Minute Mix – 1:04
    • 80’s Film Short Mix – 0:32
    • 80’s Film Loop – 0:23

  3. Cinematic Retro Wave
    • Cinematic Retro Wave – 2:13
    • Cinematic Retro Wave Minute Mix – 1:01
    • Cinematic Retro Wave Short Mix – 0:32
    • Cinematic Retro Wave Loop – 0:23