Cinematic Soft Piano Loops (Volume 1)

Cinematic Soft Piano Loops (Volume 1)

Cinematic Soft Piano Loops is a collection of soft evocative piano loops that are perfect for website backgrounds or commercials. This will be the first in a series of piano loops that I will release periodically.

The piano is made to sound like the microphone is very close to the strings for a more intimate sound. In addition, the piano is placed in a very large space to add warmth to the recording. This is a technique many composers use on soundtracks today to create a certain ambiance and mood.

In total, there is 7:48 of music, divided into 8 different loops.

Rosa – 120 BPM – 0:32

Rosa, the shortest of the loops, features an arpeggiated accompaniment with a haunting melody that plays throughout.

Nitra – 140 BPM – 0:48

Nitra is probably the ‘warmest’ sounding of all the loops. It uses a soft low accompaniment, combined with a rhythmic motif that is repeated throughout to provide consistency.

Corona – 160 BPM – 1:03

Corona is the darkest of all the loops. There are hardly any high piano sounds used in this loop. Despite it being dark and ominous, it also has an element of warmth to it.

Serenata – 100 BPM – 0:43

A traditional broken chord accompaniment in the style of many piano compositions of the late 19th century, with a light melody on the top. While the style is old fashioned, the harmony is not.

Nocturna – 140 BPM – 1:02

Nocturna is meant to represent stars twinkling at nighttime. Therefore there are hardly any low sounds from the piano in this one. The piece uses a rhythmic motif that evolves through the chord changes.

Osculata – 80 BPM – 1:18

The piece with the most ‘space’ and ‘depth’ in the recording. To osculate means to kiss, and this is probably the most romantic of all the loops in this set.

Pulchra – 70 BPM – 1:29

Pulchra, taken from the Latin word for ‘beauty’, this is the simplest piece with probably the best melody in the set. In the case of this track, it was a case of ‘less is more’.

Rongasa – 160 BPM – 0:54

Rongasa is a bit more adventurous (but still pretty basic) compared with the others harmonically. Were this to be orchestrated for a full orchestra, it would have a ‘fantasy’ feel to it.

All loops come in WAV and MP3. All loops should be seamless.