Cinematic Rock Trailer Intro Music

Cinematic Rock Trailer Intro Music

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Cinematic Rock, Rock Trailer, Trailer Music, Rock Music


Electric Rock Guitar with Background Powerful Brass give to this Driving track Epic and Cinematic notes with Cool Drive sound. Perfect for Commercial as Intro or Soundtrack for Action Trailer for Games, Motivational Video, Sport Movie

Genres: Epic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Rock, Trailer Rock, Hybryd Metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive Rock

Mood: Adventure, Drive, Energy, Epic, Extreme, Hard, Heavy, Strong

5 versions MP3+WAV

  • 1min07sec
  • 35sec
  • 20sec
  • 7sec (loop)
  • 1min52sec (extended)

This track was used in cool VideoHive project Motorcycle Grunge Opener by nixstudioedition


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