Cinematic Opening Pack

Cinematic Opening Pack


Cinematic Orchestral History Openers

3 In 1 different cinematic epic orchestral inspired tracks. Inspiring and motivational cinematic trailer tracks for you media.

Pack consist of (3 track):

Cinematic Trailer – 1:56 (since 0:00 in preview file)

Opening – 2:20 (since 1:58 in preview file)

Winner – 1:48 (since 4:18 in preview file)

This pack is perfect for cinematic productions!

Some possible uses for this track:

  • trailers
  • movie openers
  • film promotions
  • video games
  • advertising / promotional
  • documentary projects
  • parallax
  • war / battle scenes
  • nature videos
  • storytelling
  • vlog/series

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