Cinematic Epic

Cinematic Epic

If you planning to show something real epic or inspirational in your project, this music track was made for you! The tune has motivating, uprising, heroic mood and fits perfect with wide styles of visual works.

This music is saying to the listener: “Something big and awesome is happening!” and this is your project :)

Featured instruments: powerful brass section (horns, trumptets), confident strings section (violins, violas, cellos), big and rhythmic orchestral percussion, airy chorus, confident piano.

Sounds great in:
  • epic commercials;
  • trailers and teasers;
  • presentation videos;
  • motivation video;
  • sport videos;
  • inspirational slideshows;
  • cinematic openers;
  • showreels;
  • and any inspirational projects.
This item includes:
  • Cinematic Epic – 2:12 (starts at 0:00 in preview);
  • Cinematic Epic_no melody – 0:14 (starts at 2:12 in preview);
  • Cinematic Epic_1 minute – 1:00 (starts at 4:25 in preview);
  • Cinematic Epic_30 seconds – 0:30 (starts at 5:26 in preview);
  • Cinematic Epic_Loop – 0:13 (starts at 5:56 in preview);

All versions are represented in WAV an MP3