Cinematic Epic Inspirational Trailer

Cinematic Epic Inspirational Trailer

The name of the item was changed, but in archive it still called Cinematic Epic Inspiration :)

Cinematic Epic Inspiration is a highly motivating orchestral music. It filled with strength, energy and vigour. This track has a really heroic uprising inspirational mood. The track starts with calm piano and gentle strings and then gradually evolved into a powerful orchestration with big drums and confident catchy melody. But if you don’t need a long intro shorter and more active version are included, check it out!

Highly recommended for:
  • sport videos;
  • active showreels;
  • epic commercials;
  • adventure videos;
  • cinematic and inspirational trailers and teasers;
  • energetic showreels;
  • presentation videos;
  • motivation video;
  • action openers;
This item includes:
  • Epic Sport Trailer_1 minute – 1:00 (starts at 0:00 in preview);
  • Epic Sport Trailer – 2:08 (starts at 1:00 in preview);
  • Epic Sport Trailer_30 second – 0:30 (starts at 3:08 in preview);
  • Epic Sport Trailer_15 second – 0:16 (starts at 3:38 in preview);
  • Epic Sport Trailer_Loop – 0:13 (starts at 3:54 in preview);

All versions are represented in WAV an MP3

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