Cinematic Energetic Epic Trailers Pack

Cinematic Energetic Epic Trailers Pack

Cinematic Energetic Action Trailer – 1:14

The composition made in traditional Hollywood trailer, teaser style as an exciting soundtrack for blockbuster, film, movie, opener, intro, cinema.
Best for energetic, intense adventure, powerful action style video, chase scene, scramble scene Played by orchestral, symphonic instruments(brasses,strings,percussion,war drums) and hybrid elements(sub bass transitions,movements, stingers) This passionate cinematic trailer creates epic, heroic, triumphant, dramatic, legendary, patriotic feelings. It is thrilling and inspirational, motivational.
It has aggressive, dark, angry, brutal, strong character.

Scientific Hybrid Dramatic Trailer – 1:57

This cinematic movie trailer has 4 parts:

1. It is intro, opener. Sounds like scientific (Sci Fi) futuristic soundtrack: synthetic, hybrid synths, sounds and other stuff. At the end, it starts to culminate.
2.This part tells us about what this story or may be named as an Adventure part. It has a confident and strong mood, evokes some courage and braveness.

3. The Culmination. It is the most powerful and energetic part, has the biggest amount of dramatic, epic feelings. Whole orchestra playing very loud and emotional, like in Hollywood film – maximum of intense. This part has the most exciting and passionate mood. Sounds very legendary and heroic.

4. This part as every action trailer, teaser has – hot ending, when all becomes faster and rise. It uplifts emotions to the madness.

Perfect for Film Blockbuster.

Tempo: 130 BPM
Duration: 1:57
Format: Wav

Dramatic Cinematic Trailer – 1:43

The Background music for a movie trailer, film teaser, intro video, opener, sci – fi video.
Made in Hollywood soundtrack style.
Played by a cinematic orchestra: strings, brasses, horns, war drums, SFX transitions, percussion.
The composition has powerful and energetic sounding, an aggressive character. Creates very emotional dramatic feelings, epicness.
It is strong and intense. evokes courage and braveness. Sounds brutal and passionate. Gives inspirational energy.
Also, will be perfect for adventure, battle, chase, action, fight, war scenes.

Tempo: 95 BPM
Duration: 1:43
Format: Wav


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