Cinematic Epic Dubstep Trailer

Cinematic Epic Dubstep Trailer

Film Score, Dubstep Cinematic

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Cinematic Dubstep Dark Dramatic Dubstep, loaded with muffled distortions and a Scratching Sound, pierced Strings and an Epic chorus Convenient structure for adaptation to your media project.

Style and Mood:

Film Score / Trailer, Dramatic Hybrid, Strong, Adventurous, Courageous, Exciting, Heroic, Relentless


  • Cinematic Dubstep – (01:52) Full Track
  • Cinematic Dubstep – (00:28) Intro
  • Cinematic Dubstep – (00:30) Verse
  • Cinematic Dubstep – (00:30) Bridge
  • Cinematic Dubstep – (00:30) Chorus
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Trailer Music – is Cinematic music, Theme song, Soundtrack, promotion from Trailers, TV Spots, Movies, Video Games, Teasers and more.

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