Cinematic Background Inspirational Pack

Cinematic Background Inspirational Pack


This is my new inspirational, Creative and original “Cinematic Background Inspirational Pack”! It was especially created for your motivational and Cinematic background music includes clean piano, strings, rhythmical beat and other. Best for Cinematic videos, commercials, positive, cinema, advertisement, slideshow, lower thirds videohive projects or as web page music.

Wav and mp3 included.

Tracks Included:

  • Cinematic Motivational :
  • Beautiful powerful orchestral inspirational cinematic track for your projects. The mood of the track is inspiring and epic. Used instruments: piano, staccato violins, electric guitar, orchestral drums, horns, inspirational overtones, sub bass, rises and hits.

    Music is great for: epic commercials, adventure films, cinematic trailers, presentation, advertising, games and much more.

    This track included 2 versions:

    1. Cinematic Motivational (Version 1) – 1:51

    2. Cinematic Motivational (Version 2) – 0:59
  • Cinematic Background Inspirational:
  • “Cinematic Background Inspirational ” is an intense, epic, triumphant, glorious, inspirational and beautiful epic cinematic track, with big drums, melodic strings, percussions instruments, and epic brass.

    This track included 3 versions:

    1. Cinematic Background Inspirational (Version 1) – 2:26

    2. Cinematic Background Inspirational (Version 2) – 1:51

    3. Cinematic Background Inspirational (Version 3) – 0:59
  • Christmas Coming:
  • “Christmas Coming” is medium energy upbeat, bouncy jingle track for joyful New Year visuals evoke Happiness and Anticipation mood. Christmas Holiday spirit in every seconds of the track. Suiteble for commercial usage. Enchanting, bouncy and bright parts make great mix of light enthusiastic orchestral cue with touch of modern music. Optimistic, anticipation, upbeat mood. Perfect for your YouTube and Vimeo video, uplifting and inspiring projects, sales shopping advert, promos, explainers, websites and more. This track included 3 versions:

    1. Christmas Coming (Full Version) – 2:03

    2. Christmas Coming (Middle Version) – 1:32

    3. Christmas Coming (Short Version) – 1:09

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