Cinematic Adventure Trailer

Cinematic Adventure Trailer


A Cinematic Trailer item ideal for movie trailers, film, and video games with 5 versions!!!

This track is perfect for cinematic productions! It’s a massive score with a huge anthemic chorus, a powerful and memorable violin hook, enormous drums, a whirlwind of strings, brass and horns, colossal sub-bass and various atmospheric elements.

What’s Included?

5 versions are included in the download package: the full track, plus 15, 30 and two 60-second edits, making this track very versatile and easy to implement into your projects. This track will be at home in any cinematic project bringing your visuals to life.

Some possible uses for this track:

  • trailers
  • movie openers
  • film promotions
  • video games
  • war / battle scenes
  • film credits
  • advertising / promotional

Included Files (in order as shown in preview):

  • Cinematic trailer Full version (WAV + MP3) – 1 minute, 45 seconds;
  • Cinematic trailer (with Intro) 60-second edit (WAV + MP3) – 1 minute;
  • Cinematic trailer (Full Groove) 60-second edit (WAV + MP3) – 1 minute.
  • Cinematic trailer 30-second edit (WAV + MP3) – 30 seconds + 2-second tail;
  • Cinematic trailer 15-second edit (WAV + MP3) – 15 seconds + 1-second tail;

Thank you for purchasing!