Cinematic Action Music Pack

Cinematic Action Music Pack

This pack includes 3 musical themes.

Track List:

  1. Energy Rock (3 version)

    Energy Rock track is an energetic, powerful, modern track with catchy riff. Featuring distortion guitars, bass, drums, synths, impacts etc. This track will be of paramount importance to your various projects and videos! It is perfect for action&sports videos, trailers, teasers, advertising, commercials and other dynamic projects(Rock video, Rock commercial, Rock advertising, Rock presentation, Rock podcast, Rock youtube, Rock slideshow, Rock titles, Rock promo, Rock trailer, Rock movie, Rock show, Rock intro).

    • Full Track (2:20)
    • Short version 1 (1:11) starts at 2:20 in Preview
    • Short version 2 (0:30) starts at 3:31 in Preview

  2. Epic Cinematic Dubstep (5 version)

    Powerful and Heavy hybrid track with thunderous drums, driving strings, synths and inspiring piano part in beginning. Ideal for historical films, movies about superheroes, trailers, teasers, intro, all sorts of sports, reviews on Youtube, games and many other projects! Also for convenience, the download package includes both the full version of the track and short ones. This will help you to select the right length for your project without much effort and time!

    • Full Track (02:40) starts at 4:01 in Preview
    • Short version (01:00) starts at 6:41 in Preview
    • Loop 1 (00:22) starts at 7:41 in Preview
    • Loop 2 (00:44) starts at 8:03 in Preview
    • Loop 3 (00:14) starts at 8:47 in Preview

  3. Hard Sport Trailer (2 version)

    Furious active aggressive trailer with elements of cinematic, rock, industrial, dubstep. Great for sports advertisements, trailers, game reviews, gamers vlogs and more.

    • Full Track (01:18) starts at 9:01 in Preview
    • Short version (00:40) starts at 10:19 in Preview

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