Christmas Pop Upbeat

Christmas Pop Upbeat


Christmas Pop Upbeat - 1

Christmas Pop Upbeat - 2

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Christmas Pop Upbeat - 17

Celebrate magical December holidays with fantasy fireworks, atmospheric bright glorious hopeful Inspirational joyful track, inspire bouncy freedom big motivated emotional powerful . It’s time to get gifts, presents, count business achievement enjoy.

Perfect for your x-mas projects, corporative presentations, videos, majestic advertisements, motivation Film TV, innovate Advertising, entertainment commercials, epic, Slideshow, promotional choir, feel good travel, flowing cinematic trailer, snow show, celebratory infographics, promo, marketing successful sales, more.

Song features beautiful jolly celesta, sweet dance piano party, playful pizzicato strings, background bell, catchy melody, romantic guitar, hope nostalgia string, victory magic percussion, interesting quirky arrangement. Very natural energizing Beauty. It’s include music instruments: Massive glockenspiel, EDM fresh drums, piano clean motivate distortion electric accomplishment acoustic bass, , tambourine, fairy tale vocals, overdrive guitar, technology synth, advertise synthetic arpeggios, harmonics, cool claps, finger snaps, revers sounds, rise ambient positive pad, power minimalist, wind chimes.

So pleases blessed everybody’s ears!

Christmas Pop Upbeat - 18

Alternative versions with different duration and without vocal included:

  • 01 Full 180’ (duration 2:56) (preview 00:00-02.56)
  • 02 Mid Commercial 60’ version (duration 1:00) (preview 02:56-03.56)
  • 03 Presentation 40’ Version (duration 0:40) (preview 03:56-04.36)
  • 04 Short Commercial 30’ Version (duration 0:30) (preview 04:36-05.06)
  • 05 Without Vocal Version (duration 2:56) (preview 05:06-08.02)

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Let’s Inspire people for something optimistic that they would proud for. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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