Christmas Pack

Christmas Pack

I am pleased to present the new package “Christmas Pack”. Here I have collected four wonderful songs from the world of Christmas. These tracks transmit a unique dreamlike mood. Each song takes us into childhood, where Christmas is a magical holiday that brings the magic, joy, mystery. Music grace any project your design, advertising, video, film, performance, and is also suitable for many other purposes!

The package includes 4 tracks.

1 This Christmas
This Christmas Full- 1:09
This Christmas Short- 0:38

2 For Christmas
For Christmas Full- 1:10
For Christmas Short- 0:33

3 The Christmas
The Christmas Full- 1:18
The Christmas Short- 0:59
The Christmas Teaser- 0:22

4 Christmas
Christmas Full- 2:20
Christmas Medium- 1:47
Christmas Mini- 1:14
Christmas Short- 0:57
Christmas Teaser- 0:22

Total time main tracks – 5:58
Merry Christmas!