Christmas Pack 2

Christmas Pack 2

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Christmas Pack 2 (5:59) consists of following four tracks:

1. Auld Lang Syne Ukulele (4 version):
Auld Lang Syne Ukulele is a track for promotion. Featuring ukulele, clap, glocken, whistle, marimba, and tambourine. Perfect track for corporate or background music at points of sales and public places & new year’s promotion websites, and so on.
Original Music: Auld Lang Syne

  • Full version – 2:45
  • short with no marimba & tambourines – 1:28
  • loop with clap & glocken – 0:31
  • loop with clap & whistle – 0:31
2. What Child Is This Ukulele (2 Versions):
What Child Is This Ukulele is a track for christmas. Featuring different kinds of ukulele, bass, bells, pianos and music box.
The ‘music box (with ukulele)’ version is especially suitable for the ending credit of winter movies.
Original Music: What Child Is This (Traditional Carol)

  • Full version (G# Major, 102 bpm) – 1:42
  • Music Box (A# Major, 120 bpm) – 1:25
3. Christmas Minimal (4 Versions):
Christmas Minimal is the minimal track for christmas. Featuring different kinds of bells, pianos, music box.
Original Music: We wish you a merry christmas

  • Full version (C Mixolydian) – 1:03
  • Loop – 0:24
  • with Sleigh Bells – 1:03
  • Music Box (A# Dorian) – 1:04
4. Carol Of The Bells Loop (5 Versions):
Carol Of The Bells Loop is a loop track for christmas. Featuring different kinds of bells, pianos, ukulele and music box. Optionally, you could append the head part & the tail part right before & after the loop body to make it complete structure.
c.f) Head – Loop – Loop – Loop – Tail (append ‘Loop’ parts as many times as you want between the ‘Head’ and the ‘Tail’
Original Music: Carol Of The Bells (Shchedryk, Traditional Carol)

  • Head – 0:01
  • Full version – 0:25
  • Tail – 0:23
  • with No Sleigh Bells – 0:25
  • with No Sleigh Bells – 0:23

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