Christmas Mood Pack

Christmas Mood Pack

The Christmas season is here again! Buy some great music to accompany it – this year it will be AMAZING.

First you will hear a really beautiful and unique version of the most beautiful Christmas carol in the world, Silent Night, then there is a little wistful and nostalgic, Edward Scissorhands – like Dancing in the Snow and last but not least, sweet, romantic and lovely Fairy Tale, Envato’s featured file.

In the zip file you will find:

  1. Silent NightThe spirit of Christmas.

    We have combined the classical sound of symphonic orchestra (with strings, glockenspiel, vibraphone, harp and woodwinds – especially the solo english horn) with rich synth pads and sounds.

    And on the top of it all, as glittery sprinkles on the Christmas pudding, calm and serene vocal without lyrics, all the typical Christmasy tubular bells, live piano and our favourite instrument, the exotic duduk.

    We have also made three versions of the track so you can choose just the right one that will suit your project PERFECTLY.

    So, in the zip file you will find (as followed in the preview track):

    • Silent Night full version – 2:48
    • Silent Night karaoke version – with the background vocal – 2:48
    • Silent Night instrumental – no vocals – 2:48

  2. Dancing in the Snow – 2:04 Absolutely stunning, magical winter mood.

    Inspired by movie soundtrack by Danny Elfman to Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands and Corpse Bride.

    You will hear the rich sound of a full symphonic orchestra – the leading melody is played on wind-up toy music box, which lends the music fragile and delicate atmosphere. The leading voice is seconded with the sound of velvet strings, the distinct waltz rhythm is carried by fluffy pizzicato in basses, short clarinettes and piano. The feeling of icy shimmer is created by windchimes, triangle and glockenspiel. And the final touch of absolute magic are enchanting female vocals, softly singing in the far distance like echoes of fairies.

  3. Fairy Tale – 1:47 Lovely Christmas mood.

    Beautiful and simple melody played on live piano is orchestrated in epic “Danny Elfman like” style with glockenspiel, vibraphone, full orchestra and the unique sound of Duduk.

    Think of delicate and touching soundtracks to movies like Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas and Forrest Gump

    Classical music combined with slavic, arabic and jewish folklore elements.

Great as a powerful cinematic music, for Christmas projects, for picture slideshow, collage, montage, video production and romantic projects.

Thank you for purchasing – and please, don’t forget to rate! :)

Created with love by SoundRoseStudio.