Christmas Kit

Christmas Kit

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Christmas Kit

‘Christmas Kit’ is a music kit based on the original track, Christmas. ‘Christmas’ is the perfect musical accompaniment to all your Christmas projects. It features a magical twinkly melody, with orchestral strings, brass and percussion. Perfect for Christmas trailers, Christmas commercials, Christmas animations, Christmas games… any Christmas production! Merry Christmas!

WAV files included in the kit:

01_Intro (0:05) Intro flourish with sleigh bells, harp, cymbals and Tubular bells hit.
02_Verse (0:18) Verse with melodic piano and strings.
03_Verse_Und (0:18) Underscore of the verse with the melody removed.
04_Chorus1 (0:18) Chorus with melodic piano and strings.
05_Chorus1_Und (0:18) Underscore of the chorus with the melody removed.
06_Bridge (0:18) Bridge with brass section and melodic horns.
07_Bridge_Und (0:18) Underscore of the bridge with the melody removed.
08_Chorus2 (0:12) Full orchestral chorus with a suspenseful, hanging ending.
09_Chorus2_Und (0:12) Underscore of Chorus2.
10_Outro (0:05) Short outro.
11_Outro_Und (0:05) Underscore of short outro with melody removed.

Demo tracks included in the kit;

Demo1_FullTrack (1:00)

Full version of the original track ‘Christmas’ constructed from the following sections;

01_Intro, 02_Verse, 04_Chorus1, 06_Bridge, 08_Chorus2, 10_Outro.

Demo2_Underscore (1:00)

Underscore version of the full track, with all melodies removed;

01_Intro, 03_Verse_Und, 05_Chorus1_Und, 07_Bridge_Und, 09_Chorus2_Und, 11_Outro_Und.

Demo3_Ident (0:19)

Ident version comprised of only two sections;

01_Intro, 04_Chorus1

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Christmas Kit

This kit is ideal for; Christmas christmass, Christmas adverts, Christmas commercials, Christmas kid’s productions, Christmas games, Christmas animations, Christmas intros, Christmas podcasts, Christmas documentaries, Christmas incidental music, Christmas shop atmosphere, Christmas movies, Christmas TV, Christmas radio, Christmas stings, Christmas logos, Christmas idents, Christmas parties, Christmas news, Christmas craft tutorials, Christmas cooking shows, Christmas corporate projects.. anything Christmas!!