Christmas Traditional Kit

Christmas Traditional Kit

All you need for christmas is the sound of christmas.
With this exclusive and catchy Christmas Joy MUSIC KIT full of Bells, Chimes, Sleigh Bells and Snow you can create a unique christmas soundtrack or christmas background that fits your project and product perfectly

This is a happy holiday pop track, perfect for the merry christmas time.
Featuring bells, piano, glockenspiel, celestial, strings, strings, bass, chimes, sleigh bells and lot?s of extra bells and christmas sounds.
Good for christmas advertising, christmas commercials, christmas videos, christmas party and feel good christmas backing.
Based on the original Audio Jungle item: Tempo: 150 bpm.


The zip contains the following 24 wave files (with and without tales) that are easily re-arranged and put together just like you prefer!

01_Intro (0:09)
Sleighbells, bells, piano

02_intro_no_chimes (0:09)
Sleighbells, bells, piano, no chimes

03_melody_A (0:09)
Melody A

04_melody_A_no_chimes (0:09)
Melody A, no chimes

05_melody_A_secondvoice (0:09)
Melody A with second voice

06_melody_A_secondvoice_no_chimes (0:09)
Melody A with second voice ? no chimes

07_melody_B_T (0:09)
Melody B

08_melody_B_no_chimes (0:09)
Melody B, no chimes

09_melody_B_secondvoice (0:09)
Melody B with second voicen

10_melody_B_secondvoice_no_chimes (0:09)
Melody B with second voice, no chimes

11_melody_B_variation_1 (0:09)
Melody B with variation 1 Melody

12_melody_B_variation_1_no_chimes (0:09)
Melody B with variation 1, no chimes

13_melody_B_variation_2 (0:09)
Melody B with variation 2

14_melody_B_variation_2_no_chimes (0:09)
Melody B with variation 2, no chimes

15_intro_no_sleighbells (0:16)
Intro piano and bells, no sleighbells

16_intro_no_sleighbells_no_chimes (0:16)
Intro piano and bells, no sleighbells, no chimes

17_sleighbells_bells_only (0:13)
only sleighbells and bells

18_melody_B_variation_3 (0:09)
Melody B with variation 3

19_melody_B_variation_3_no_chimes (0:09)
Melody B with variation 3, no chimes

20_outro (0:18)
Outro, tempo slowing down

21_outro_no_chimes (0:18)
Outro, tempo slowing down, no chimes

22_outro_no_strings (0:18)
Outro, tempo slowing down, no strings

23_end_tone (0:10)
Ending tone only

24_outro_tiny_bells_end_tone (0:10)
Simple ending tone only

Plus 1 ready-to-use demo arrangement for extra convenience and inspiration.

Demo 1 (1:36)

And much more information in the Christmas Joy KIT_Documentation

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