Small Percussions Pack

Small Percussions Pack

The sound pack includes two sound effect of small percussions, with 5 variations per each effect. Every variation is in different rhythm that easily can be looped if you need longer version. The sounds fit great with any Christmas project and can be used for other purposes, too. Useful for ads, video games, apps, trailers, teasers, film, video & music projects, presentations, radio/TV projects, podcasts and more. Available both in mp3 and wav.

Track list:

A. Sleigh Bells

  1. Sleigh Bells V1 – 0:10
  2. Sleigh Bells V2 – 0:08
  3. Sleigh Bells V3 – 0:11
  4. Sleigh Bells V4 – 0:13
  5. Sleigh Bells V5 – 0:16

B. Various Small Percussions (sleigh bells, shaker and tambourine jingle stick)

  1. Various Small Percussions V1 – 0:04
  2. Various Small Percussions V2 – 0:13
  3. Various Small Percussions V3 – 0:06
  4. Various Small Percussions V4 – 0:12
  5. Various Small Percussions V5 – 0:04

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