Reviews for Christmas Acapella

Reviews for Christmas Acapella

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Personally, I love this track. I always rank Envato’s musicians/composers based on 4 things:

1. Complexity: does the song/sound incorporate live musicians and/or sound effects? Or, does it sound like it was entirely computer generated or played by a soloist on a basic Casio keyboard?
2. BPM: did the composer include BPM on the AudioJungle details page so I can match it to my project’s timing?
3. Flexibility: are more than one track or cutdown provided, ESPECIALLY, for tracks with vocals, was an instrumental version included?
4 Inspirational/Aspirational: did the track inspire me? Or did it inspire one of Videohive’s artists to build an AE project on the track?

I make a lot of social media promo videos and license a lot of Videohive AE projects. But, I’m no musician. Therefore, I rely on Envato musicians/composers. However, AudioJungle doesn’t make finding music as easy as other licensing platforms. So, if I hear a track that sounds complex, layered, dynamic, and that really grabs me, I’m all in.

Nothing makes me crazier than hearing a great track that doesn’t provide the BPM so I can determine if it will work for my project. I’m no audio engineer so, if it isn’t already timed to an AE project that I’m going to license, I can’t figure out the BPM for myself or change it effectively. This song was pre-timed to an AE project I licensed.

I didn’t have to alter this song at all. Everything I needed to time it to the promo correctly was provided.

This track really inspired me. And someone over at Videohive. Fantastic!

I HIGHLY recommend “Christmas Acapella” to anyone who is thinking of licensing it.

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Thanks for such detailed feedback!

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Thank you for making this awesome track!

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