Chilled Piano House Vibes

Chilled Piano House Vibes

Chilled Piano House Vibes is a warm, laid-back house track with a mellow piano lead melody

A relaxing, atmospheric piano track is underpinned with chilled house beats to create a calm, lounge house vibe.

Great for TV shows, reality shows, advertising, modern presentations, lifestyle, fashion, travel documentaries etc

The mood of the track is:
Calming, relaxed, tranquil, easy, happy, contented, on the beach, on holiday, end of evening after a party.

This track is available in the following versions:
1 Full track: 3:26
2 With the bass removed: 3:26
3 With the drums removed: 3:26
4 Pianos only: 3:26
5 A short sting: 0:15

The preview track is split at the following points:
Full: 0.00 – 3:26
No Drums: 3:26 – 6:52
No Bass: 6:52 – 10:19
No Lead: 10:19 – 13:45
Sting: 13:45 – 14:01

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Chilled Piano House Vibes - 1

Chilled Piano House Vibes - 2