Chilled Groove Pack

Chilled Groove Pack


Chilled Groove Pack

‘Chilled Groove Pack’ is an eclectic collection of tracks all featuring a fun and relaxed groove.

1. Chilled Groove (5 versions)
‘Chilled Groove’ is a relaxed funk/soul track with shuffling drums, grooving bass, atmospheric guitars and upright piano. A retro feel with a modern edge make this track ideal for commercials, trailers and intros.

Included with the main version is a medium length version, a short version, a logo version and a looped version;

Chilled Groove (2:07)
Chilled Groove – Medium (1:00)
Chilled Groove – Short (0:30)
Chilled Groove – Logo (0:10)
Chilled Groove – Looped (1:05)

2. Funky Bass Groove (5 versions)
‘Funky Bass Groove’ is a modern funk track with a soulful, chilled feel. It features a grooving bass, with percussion, drums, lead synth, rhythmic electric guitar and electric piano. A modern, funky track great for cooking shows, intros, commercials and travel blogs.

Included with the main version is an underscore version without the lead synth, a short version, a logo version and a looped version;

Funky Bass Groove (2:03)
Funky Bass Groove – Underscore (2:03)
Funky Bass Groove – Short (0:30)
Funky Bass Groove – Logo (0:15)
Funky Bass Groove – Looped (1:05)

3. Motivational Sports Groove (4 versions)
‘Motivational Sports Groove’ is a triumphant and uplifting track with a huge orchestral sound, grooving bass, percussion and solid beat. Ideal for sports montages, intros, news broadcasts, blogs and youtube videos.

Included with the main version is a short version, a logo version and a looped version;

Motivational Sports Groove (1:48)
Motivational Sports Groove – Short (0:30)
Motivational Sports Groove – Logo (0:10)
Motivational Sports Groove – Looped (1:24)

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Chilled Groove Pack

This track is ideal for; Groove trailers, Groove adverts, Groove commercials, Groove kid’s productions, Groove games, Groove animations, Groove intros, Groove podcasts, Groove documentaries, Groove incidental music, Groove shop atmosphere, Groove movies, Groove TV, Groove radio, Groove stings, Groove logos, Groove idents, Groove parties, Groove news, Groove craft tutorials, Groove cooking shows, Groove corporate projects.. anything Groove!!