Children's Music Pack Vol. 1

Children's Music Pack Vol. 1

‘Children’s Music Pack Vol. 1’ contains two of my bestselling children’s tracks; ‘Kazoo Time’ and ‘Kazoo Fun’, plus a brand new track ‘Playtime Fun’. Perfect together as a bundle, these tracks are fun and lively and great for kid’s T.V. productions, instructional videos and games.

1. Kazoo Time (4 versions):
‘Kazoo Time’ is a fun, chilled and quirky track. Lead by a catchy kazoo melody, this track features relaxed ukelele, fun percussion, a grooving electric organ solo and a gospel-inspired bridge. Great for kid’s shows, web shorts, or any other fun application you can think of!

Included with the main version is a looped version, a short version and a logo version;

Kazoo Time (1:08)
Kazoo Time – Short Version (0:30)
Kazoo Time – Logo Version (0:08)
Kazoo Time – Looped Version (1:06)

2. Kazoo Fun (4 versions):
‘Kazoo Fun’ is a fun and upbeat track with a jumpy beat and catchy kazoos. With ukulele, piano, drums, bass, melodica and of course; lots of kazoos! A manic and lively track, perfect for children’s shows, comedy and other fun projects.

Included with the main version is a looped version, a 30 second ‘short’ version and an extra short ‘logo’ version;

Kazoo Fun (1:11)
Kazoo Fun – Short Version (0:30)
Kazoo Fun – Logo Version (0:11)
Kazoo Fun – Looped Version (0:57)

3. Playtime Fun (5 versions):
‘Playtime Fun’ is a bright and happy track. Bouncy pizzicato strings are accompanied by rhythmic acoustic guitar, hand claps, melodic glockenspiel and piano. Perfect for kid’s T.V., instructional videos or trailers.

Included with the main version is a medium length version, a short version, a logo version and a looped version;

Playtime Fun (2:15)
Playtime Fun – Medium (1:00)
Playtime Fun – Short (0:30)
Playtime Fun – Logo (0:10)
Playtime Fun – Looped (2:11)

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