Children Pack

Children Pack

“Children Pack” is a great collection of children music, evokes feelings of fun, joyful, merry, happiness, positive, optimistic and carefree! Perfect for any video or advertising with children play, children YouTube show, vlog videos, etc. When buying music packages, you saves your money! Archive including high-quality WAV and MP3 versions and information PDF file.

Includes the following tracks:

1. Children Carefree: 1:04, 0:46, 0:34, 0:16, 0:12

2. Happy Ukulele Claps: 1:18

3. Happy Upbeat: 2:04, 1:52, 1:28, 0:40, 0:13

Summary duration of all versions: 10:32 (3 exclusive tracks: 11 versions with different duration, including 2 loop versions for easy montage)

Main genre: all kind of children background, commercial, advertising, funny videos, video games for kids, film or television, YouTube video, motivational presentations, inspiring videos and other projects. Main genre of this item: festive mood, holiday, new year, christmas, gifts, comics, children celebrating a birthday, fun in the park, a family with children, children’s advertising, advertising to children, promoting toys, Disneyland, aqua park, playground, cycling, jumping on a trampoline, children’s sports, sweets, friends, weekend, every day a holiday, a birthday, a holiday at school, advertising, bright, catchy, celebratory, fun, laughter, play, jump, run, vacation, family vacation, shopping, walk, country walk, children play, good weather, happy children happy, family video, family advertising, mom and dad, sunny day video, carnival, beach, fun sports exercise, happy morning, motivates a good day.


Children Pack - 1

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Children Pack - 3


  • Uplifting Event – Corporate motivational soundtrack, best for contemporary corporate video, interview, advertising video
  • Timelapse – Calm background corporate ambient, great for timelapse video, hyperlapse, slideshow, nature & travel video
  • Indie Uplifting – Energetic indie corporate music, great for travel video, youth brands advertising, courageous advertising companies
  • Dance Party – Electro house / deep house soundtrack, best for club advertising, promotion of events
  • Dubstep – Powerful dubstep music track, great for sport video, sport equipment advertising, car & moto video, extreme sports
  • HipHop – Motivational hip-hop instrumental, best for motivation videos, sport video advertising, sport and music event promotion, YouTube channel intro music
  • Retrofuture Synthwave – Bright retrowave / synthwave music track, best for sci-fi video, retrowave graphics, thematic radio podcast and for creating atmosphere of 80s
  • Total Freedom – Powerful breakbeat / electro freestyle music track, best for sports video, car and moto, sport equipment advertising, gym promo
  • Finger Family – YouTube children show hit! Best for any children video, children games show, finger family video, baby rhymes video and any positive & sweet video or advertising


Children Pack - 4


Children Pack - 5