Children Pack

Children Pack



This collection of songs included tracks without whistles and only with a cheerful and joyful mood. As the main melody instruments used piano and bells. If you need to make several projects in the same genre – choose this pack and you can save up to 50 Some songs also contain several versions, and all of it easy to cut, so you do not have to waste time to montage work!

Will be good as any kids videos background, photo slideshows, family movies or footage, wedding videos, business and travel, motivational corporate videos, commercials, youtube videos, promo, slide shows, etc..

Comes both in .wav and .mp3 formats


1. CHILDREN (FIVE VERSION) – Children it’s a very charming and sweet song with a light and unobtrusive melody (archive contains version without melody, harmony only !!!). So, it easy to use and perfect for cutting! I would like to pay special attention to the total number of versions of all five variants, including short versions.

MAIN INSTRUMENTS USED: Ukulele, piano, bells , accoustic guitar, accordion, drums.

First version: (full length) MAIN THEME. Duration – 2:30

Second version (harmony, easy for LOOPS): This is a special version made especially for you! You can use it in different ways: either as a full version or you can cut any favorite pieces and mix with the other parts of the track (very easy to use for loops). Duration – 2:29

Third version (1:30sec): Short version 1. Duration – 1:30

Fourth version (1 min): Short version 2. Duration – 1:10

Fifth version (40sec): Short version 3. Duration – 0:41

2.HAPPY FUN (THREE VERSIONS + TWO LOOPS) - Happy fun it’s is a lovely and cheerful music that plays light and jolly tune on the xylophone give your project a lot of freshness and bright colors. Complementing this track a lot of expression and rare musical instruments such as the accordion, from the Mario games sounds, glokenspel and others. In the second half of the full version of this track start singing background male voices. Also, it is necessary to add that in the archive you will find a short version of the song (see below), plus – added loops. So, enjoy your listening! See below for detail…

MAIN INSTRUMENTS USED: Ukulele, acoustic guitars, bells, claps, accordion, organ, drums, vocal samples

First version: Main theme. Duration – 2:28

Second version (1:15):Short 1. Duration – 1:16

Third version (40sec):Short 2. Duration – 0:39

Fourth version:Loop 1. Duration – 0:23

Fifth version:Loop 2. Duration – 0:23

3.KID (TWO VERSIONS + THREE LOOPs) – Kid it’s frivolous and unpretentious music with a pleasant harmony, with a very funny mood and cheerful rhythm. It should be noted that the feature of this track is that it easy to use in your project! Music is perfect for cut, so you can use any part of it! I should add that in the archive, you will find specially prepared loops and an extra version. So this track is fully prepared for you:)

MAIN INSTRUMENTS USED: acoustic guitar, xylophone, acoustic bass, metallophone, pizzicato, piano, drums and others.

First version: Main theme. Duration – 2:53

Second version (1:40):Short version. Duration – 1:41

Third version (loop):Loop 1. Duration – 0:24

Fourth version (loop):Loop 2. Duration – 0:24

Fifth version (loop):Loop 3 . Duration – 0:24