This is a pack of 5 songs that have a highly positive, cheerful theme.


Inspired_Ending.WAV (2:36) Inspired_Loop.WAV (2:32)

Weekend Fun

WeekendFun_Ending.WAV (1:45) WeekendFun_Loop.WAV (1:39)

Wake Up Sunny

WakeUpSunny_Ending.WAV (2:11) WakeUpSunny_Loop.WAV (2:07)

Be Happy

BeHappy_Ending.WAV: (2:14)

Right On Time

RightOnTime_Ending.WAV (1:49)


Driven by a steadily strummed acoustic guitar and ukulele, this song is a good feeling, bouncy, happy tune that makes you want to smile and tap your feet. Piano, electric piano, english horn, and world percussion fill out the rest of the tune, with several instruments taking their turn at a simple but catchy melody. Like the title, this song is an inspiration to go out and do something good!

Weekend Fun:

Driven by a ukulele and a steel string guitar, this moderately paced track is mellow but brimming with fun, optimism, and good feelings. Bright, bouncy and childlike, the acoustic instruments take the forefront but are backed by piano, electric piano, tambourine, bass and vocal oooos.

Wake Up Sunny:

This acoustic rock track is driven by two acoustic guitars and a steady, driving old school drum beat, accompanied by piano, electric piano, bass and some pads. Medium paced, it has the feeling of movement and livliness, like waking up bright and well rested, looking forward to some new adventure.

Be Happy:

Whistling, claps, acoustic guitar, ukulele, and piano drive this bright and happy straight ahead tune. The melody is simple, childlike and infectuous, very optomistic and positive. All guitar, ukulele, claps and whistling are done with real acoustic instruments for a more natural, informal feel.

Right On Time:

This happy and upbeat track repeats a simple melody several times, building from just a ukulele and piano, adding a bass and electric piano, then driving along with some sleigh bells and horns, bringing it back to just a classical guitar and ukulele, and then one more with everything all together. Optimistic and friendly – this song is all about success and achievement.


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