Chainmail Steps and Loops

Chainmail Steps and Loops


Light and heavy chain mail metal armor movement sound effects worn by a medieval soldier moving at different step speed: stroll, walk, run and sprint.

Armor of this kind is being worn by men and women at historical reenactment events and as been worn by warriors, both in footsoldier and cavalry platoons, in various cultures: ancient roman, spartan, polish, viking, english, sudanese, turkish, iranian military archers, swordfighters knights, mounted horse riders and spearmen were dressed in such iron or bronze metal coats. Mail allows to make various armor pieces: helmets, caps, gloves, shirts, arm guards, greaves.

  1. 01 a (0:01) Heavy armour coat, single sound.
  2. 01 b (0:01) See above.
  3. 01 c (0:01) See above.
  4. 01 LoopStroll (0:06) Seamless loop of army foot man strolling.
  5. 01 LoopWalk (0:04.36) Seamlessly looping walking cycle.
  6. 01 LoopRun (0:03.53) Loopable running speed.
  7. 01 LoopSprint (0:03.09) Loopable sprinting warrior steps.
  8. 01 Stroll (0:18) Non-looping version of the body movement of a legionnaire fighter for production.
  9. 01 Walk (0:13.10) See above.
  10. 01 Run (0:10.59) See above.
  11. 01 Sprint (0:09.24) See above.
  12. 02 a (0:01) Lighter coat worn by a male or female knigh of war to battle.
  13. 02 b (0:01) See above.
  14. 02 c (0:01) See above.
  15. 02 LoopStroll (0:06) Slow moving through a renaissance fare.
  16. 02 LoopWalk (0:04.36) Stepping and shaking the metal shirt, helmet and pants on te way to the next challenge of a tournament in the dark ages.
  17. 02 LoopRun (0:03.53) Rushing to a war field during the castle age.
  18. 02 LoopSprint (0:03.08) Sprintin away from the overpowered enemy in a sword fight duel.
  19. 02 Stroll (0:18) Non-looping version for production.
  20. 02 Walk (0:13.10) See above.
  21. 02 Run (0:10.59) See above.
  22. 02 Sprint (0:09.24) See above.
These sounds include looping walk cycles and single sounds, three for each of the two armors. It is recommended to add foot steps for walking. The sound samples are intended for evasive or attack maneuver audio feedback during scenes of fighting for honor and glory as well as the falling of dead warriors’ bodies.

This realism style, metallic sfx set was created for games, movies, films, entrance flash presentations, business projects, news, telecasts, podcast, slideshows, corporate videos, websites etc.

Useful for realistic, sci-fi or fantasy settings and comedic or serious themes.

Individually encoded in both 320kbps mp3 and 16 bit, 44100 hz wav audio file format.

Icon by Dylan Kereluk under Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 license
Banner by Roland zh under Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 license

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