Celebrate the Moment Epic Emotional

Celebrate the Moment Epic Emotional

“Celebrate the Moment Epic Emotional” is an epic, emotional, orchestral music track… with 3 versions.
With catchy melodies of solo cello, piano, and children choir…

Celebrate the Moment Epic Emotional and Versions:

1… Main Track (3:06)
2… Short – 57 second version (0:57) – in the preview start at 3:06
3… Short – 93 sec version (1:33) – start at 4:03

     Moods and Style

The mood of the song is really inspiring, corporate, beautiful, and uplifting.
Features emotional solo cello and piano… Sliding strings melodies…
Catchy children choir… Crescendo symphonic orchestra…
Rises to a great and fulfilling climax.
It will amplify your message and help your video to showcase your professionalism to your audience and clients!

     Technical info

Tempo: 125 BPM, Signature: 4/4, Key: F

     Used Instruments and Vocals

Solo Cello
Children Choir
Woodwinds: Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon
Brasses: Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba
Percussion, Drums: Taiko, Toms, Cymbal, Windchimes
Strings: Harp, Violins, Violas, Cellos, Contra Basses (Arco-Legato, Staccato)

     About music arrangement

+ This music track and versions are composed, arranged by Engin Bayrak.
+ Orchestration is made by Engin Bayrak with his instruments and licensed virtual instruments in his own studio.

     * For “24 bit” or other edits and versions, please contact.

     Please send your precious for Comments and Ratings

Please send your precious comments for each track that you like. Thank you!

     Suggested Uses

“Celebrate the Moment Epic Emotional” is great for:

- Great times of joy and happy such as wedding videos, vlogs,
- Motivational presentations, inspirational videos, corporate projects,
- Advertising videos, commercials, corporate presentations,
- Instagram videos, YouTube videos, cinematic projects, soundtrack,
- Tutorials, slideshows, explainers, lifestyle and travel, tv shows,
- TV or Radio advert/commercial, websites, showreel, time-lapse video,
- Podcast, Film, Television, montages, startup videos, video game,
- Social media marketing, Videohive preview, Viral marketing campaign,
- Dance competitions, sport videos, and any extreme sports videos,
- TV media that requires fresh background music, and so much more!