Cartoon Girl Cat Meow

Cartoon Girl Cat Meow

Sounds of a young woman making cat sounds, designed for a cute casual mobile puzzle game, now available for your cartoon videos and games.
  1. AngryMeow01 (0:01) Attack
  2. ArrogantMeow01 (0:01) Snobby
  3. CelebrationMeow01 (0:01) Happy
  4. CelebrationMeow02 (0:01) Cheerful
  5. CelebrationMeow03 (0:01) Content as a fat cat
  6. CelebrationMeow04 (0:01) Cat “Party!” statement
  7. CuteMeow01 (0:01) Sweet cat voice
  8. Hiss01 (0:01) Angry warning
  9. NeutralMeow01 (0:01) The real deal
  10. NeutralMeow02 (0:01) Regular, medium
  11. NeutralMeow03 (0:01) Just a cat, nothing to see here
  12. Purr01 (0:01) Prrrrrr
  13. Purr02 (0:01) Rrrrrrrrrr
  14. Sniffing01 (0:01) No touching, just sniffing
  15. StrangeMeow01 (0:02) Weird
This sfx was created for games, movies, films, entrance flash presentations, business projects, news, telecasts, podcast, slideshows, corporate videos, websites etc.

Useful for realistic, science fiction or fantasy settings and comedic or serious themes.

Available in both 320kbps mp3 and 16 bit, 44100 hz wav audio file format.

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