Cartoon Action Sound

Cartoon Action Sound

Cartoon Action Sound!

Cartoon Action Sound Pack (1:30) – soundtrack producers of cartoons, in which there are a lot of adventures, actions, falls, slaps and blows, very often do not have enough juicy and bright sounds – so I made this universal kit for this purpose, diluting it with the sounds of magical transformations, because any adventures in cartoons are impossible without magic. (* The preview file demonstrates these sounds, but the description corresponds to the order that will be in the ZIP file folder). Good luck in your work!

Cartoon Lightning Bolt v1 (0:05).

Cartoon Movement SFX04 (0:01).

Cartoon Squeak v4 (0:01).

Fairy Magic Sparkle Spell v1 (0:06),

Fairy Magic Sparkle Spell v2 (0:09),

Fairy Magic Sparkle Spell v3 (0:07).

FX3_Swish (0:01),

FX8_Plop! (0:01),

FX24_Whoosh v2 (0:01),

FX46_ Error (0:01),

FX49_Kiss (0:01).

Puff_sfx_01 (0:02),

Puff_sfx_02 (0:02),

Puff_sfx_03 (0:02),

Puff_sfx_04 (0:02),

Puff_sfx_05 (0:04),

Puff_sfx_06 (0:02),

Puff_sfx_07 (0:02),

Puff_sfx_08 (0:02),

Puff_sfx_09 (0:02).

Petard Cartoon 03 (0:02).

Revers (0:01).

Swish 1 (0:03),

Swish 2 (0:03),

Swish 3 (0:03),

Swish 4 (0:03).

Stamp of Approval v1 (0:01),

Stamp of Approval v3 (0:01),

Stamp of Approval v4 (0:01).

The best sounds for your creativity!

(drag and drop ready sounds)

  • included in zip: .mp3 & .wav *

If you plan to use this sound in more than one project, please select the multi-use license when purchasing