Carefree Happy Shamisen

Carefree Happy Shamisen

Are you tired of the standard ukulele sound? then try something new! In this song the main chords part is played live by a japanese shamisen i bought in Nagoya during my travels. The song is happy, simple, uplifting, funny and it is arranged with bass, drums, acoustic guitars and with a catchy mallets melody. Two vesions are provided, standard and seamless looping

Are you tired of the classical Audiojungle “ukulele and mallets clapping tracks”??
Then try something new and original with my “Carefree Happy Shamisen”, a really optimistic and uplifting easy listening tune, in which the main chords are played by an original japanese Shamisen I bought in Nagoya. The song is arranged with acoustic strings guitar, bass, drums. A catchy melody is played by mallets

This song will make you dance with happiness and will make your day. It will work with any happy video and will make people smile. It will be great to motivate people, encourage, have fun and also for advertisement.

You will find different files in the ZIP folder:
The first vesion that you hear in the preview is standard, complete version
The second version is a semless loop of the complete song
Then there are three short versions, ideal for advertisemnts and short introductions:
short version 1 – without intro and without brass
short version 2 – without intro and with brass
short version 3 – with intro and with brass

If you need different edits please mail me: it’s very easy do them.

Hear this song in the background of the template “Going higher” by leongabi

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