Carbon Dioxyde

Carbon Dioxyde

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Aggressive Fury!

Carbon Dioxyde is a furious and powerful Techno-Breakbeat track that will give an energy boost to your exciting and bold video!

Explosive and intense, this track is bursting with aggressive energy and dynamic excitement!

Carbon Dioxyde was specifically crafted so as to allow your exciting project to unleash its full power. Get your audience excited and captivated, and they will feel good about your project!

At the core of this track, heavy, gritty, dirty electric guitars do what heavy, gritty, dirty electric guitars do best… rock out! A hard hitting techno beat keeps the track on the run. Various synths, acid shots, drops, sweeps and risers as well as SFX keep things interesting throughout, thus making this track a real audience pleaser!

With its powerful riff, aggressive atmosphere and furious energy, this Breakbeat track will be the perfect soundtrack to your exciting video!

Perfect for:

Techno Breakbeat background music for action video projects such as, sports shows, extreme sports videos, action scenes, high-energy commercials, car shows, exciting openers, plain badassery,...

Carbon Dioxyde - 9

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