Camping Out Pack

Camping Out Pack

This is a pack of 6 songs that have a folksy, nature theme.

Warm Summer Evening

  • WarmSummerEvening_102_Ending_JHungerMusic.wav (1:57)
  • WarmSummerEvening_102_Loop_JHungerMusic.wav (1:52)

Road Trip At Sunrise

  • RoadTripAtSunrise_160_Ending_JHungerMusic.wav (2:17)

The Wild Winds

  • TheWildWinds_140_Ending_JHungerMusic.wav (2:22)
  • TheWildWinds_140_Loop_JHungerMusic.wav (2:17)

Morning Mist

  • MorningMist_86_JHungerMusic.wav (1:58)

Northern Lights

  • NorthernLights_100_Ending_JHungerMusic.wav (1:12)
  • NorthernLights_100_Loop_JHungerMusic.wav (1:07)

Calm Evening

  • CalmEvening_108_Ending_JHungerMusic.wav (1:33)
  • CalmEvening_108_Loop_JHungerMusic.wav (1:28)

Warm Summer Evening:

This songs starts with a simple fingerpicked guitar backed by a pad, and in the second half of the song adds several more instruments to build up a bit while still evoking the same mellow feel. Laid back and easy, this track is loving and sentimental, and brings about images of nature, camping, and summer.

Road Trip At Sunrise:

This happy song is driven by strummed guitars and ukulele, accompanied by a simple melody courtesy of some male vocal ooo’s. Driving along at a moderate to brisk pace, this track evokes images of driving on a wide open road while the sun rises. Has a feeling of positively moving forward into an unknown but optimistic future.

The Wild Winds:

A fingerpicked guitar and a piano lead this driving and moody tune through a couple of building iterations before ending on a more positive note. Folksy and woodsy, a little bit dark, but also hopeful at the end.

Morning Mist:

This friendly tune is driven by two fingerpicked acoustic guitars, accompanied by a piano, bass, shakers, glockenspiel, and a pad. Mellow and easy, and infused with a slightly magical or mystic feel, this song evokes pleasant images of sitting by the camp fire in the morning watching the mist over the trees in a valley below.

Northern Lights:

Driven by several fingerpicked and strummed acoustic guitars, this song is very folksy and dreamy, perfect for visions of stars and night time. Positive and optimistic, this could be used for any number of applications, but is especially suited for a nature or camping track.

Calm Evening:

This mellow song is driven by a pair of finger picked guitars, accompanied by a light piano melody. Positive and optimistic, yet also longing and nostalgic. Perfect for background music that needs to be low key and tender.