Calm & Bright Inspiration Kit

Calm & Bright Inspiration Kit


Acoustic Bright Inspiring Heart Warming KIT – Very Atmospheric Bright, tender, breezy and happy folk acoustic track, with emotional mellow climaxes Inspiring, motivation and positive with flavor of sweet gentle Lush and warm home, childish memories, family smiling game, easy & free sunny shiny day clappy mood. Delicate dreamy melancholic melody, with relaxing sensual background acoustic instruments give you peaceful & magical meditative heartwarming filing.

BEAUTIFUL heartfelt SUNSHINE or winter Christmas bittersweet morning snow, Calm and bright care kids COMMERCIAL, HAND IN HAND friendly video, HAPPILY EVER AFTER inspirational children, OUR HAPPIEST MOMENTS of traveling or St. Valentine’s Day Lovely Photo reflective Slide show. That’s all about.

Perfect for: flowing Ballet dance – TV or Radio Advert / Romance Commercial – Aerial Touching DJI drone eagle eye Cinema professional – Business and Promotional Presentations intro -Rromantic film scenes – Opening Television – Soundtrack – Trailer about Nature & Fantasy – Social Media Marketing – School and College contemplative Work – road and trip freedom movies – instruction playful video – Videohive subtle Preview – Home lively Video – Youtube Channel tranquil Intro / Outro – Opener – chillout SlideShow – Nature Documentary – soothing Fashion – Cinema – Time Lapse – TV Promotion – Web – Travel Holiday and Vacation or lovestory Videos – Medical beauty & Health videos, charity – Real estate – Lifestyle…

Based on my original AudioJungle inspirational track with modern pick guitar sound: Calm & Bright Inspiration

You may create millions of variations with different duration, with or without solo, drums, only orchestral like in Demo That you can use immediately:

  • Demo 1 Corporate event background Version 140’ (duration 2:19) (preview 00:00-02:19)
  • Demo 2 Indie nice life relaxed Commercial version 60’ (duration 1:20) (preview 02:19-03.39)
  • Demo 3 Hoping thoughtful Commercial version 30’ (duration 0:35) (preview 03:39-4.14)
  • 01_Intro_A
  • 02_Intro_B
  • 03_Main_A_Piano
  • 04_Main_B_Piano
  • 05_Bridge_A_Piano
  • 06_Bridge_B_PianoBass
  • 07_Main_A_PianoBass
  • 08_Main_B_PianoBass
  • 09_Bridge_A_PianoGui
  • 10_Bridge_B_PianoBass
  • 11_Main_A_BellBass
  • 12_Main_B_BellBass
  • 13_Bridge_B_PianoBassGui
  • 14_Main_A_PianoBassGui
  • 15_Main_B_PianoBassGui
  • 16_Bridge_B_Piano Outro
  • 17_END
Featuring: heartfull acoustic guitar, Steel and nylon, nostalgic modern catchy piano theme, laid-back glockenspiel and toy piano, hopeful bass, cheerful guitar harmonics, joyful bells and soft optimistic tinker drums, light clapping claps, and smooth shakes.