Calm Ambient Corporate Background Pack

Calm Ambient Corporate Background Pack

Calm Ambient Background: 2:43

Slow soothing ambient music in pop minimal style with corporate elements.
Calm and relaxing background. Has gentle character of the sound. Lulling motives will bring deep feeling of relaxation and set your mind into a peaceful state.

There are lots of beautiful atmospheric synthetic sounds, smooth warm piano, soft guitars.

Melodies are dreamy and abstract – perfect for voice over, explainer, tutorial, business presentation, technology video etc.

Format: Wav

Soft Ambient Corporate: 2:00

Subtle minimalistic ambient corporate background. Has gentle and soft sounding. It is sweet, nice, creates relaxing effect for a listener. Positive, peaceful melodies perfect for explainers and tutorials. The whole composition laying business and success vibe.
Kind, contemplative music.
Played by piano (Rhodes), guitar , minimal soothing drums.

Tempo: 100 BPM
Format: wav

Minimal Corporate Ambient: 2:28

Minimal Ambient Corporate Background.
Played by deep bass, minimalistic drums, harmonic guitar, guitar, piano.
Melodies are abstract, atmospheric – good for thinking. Easy and Clear.
Brings calm, quiet emotions, peaceful sounding inspire on contemplative, reflective state.
It is subtle composition. plain and tender character.
Perfect for business tutorials, explainers, visual presentations, commercial, advertisement etc.

Tempo: 110 BPM
Format: Wav
Duration: 2:28

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