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Burning Wheels - Music Pack

Burning Wheels - Music Pack

This pack includes 15 loops from Burning Wheels – Full length version :

 1. burning wheels - 4bars intro,
 2. burning wheels - A1 4bars loop,
 3. burning wheels - A2 8bars loop,
 4. burning wheels - A3 8bars loop no cym
 5. burning wheels - A3 8bars loop
 6. burning wheels - A4 8bars loop no snare
 7. burning wheels - A4 8bars loop
 8. burning wheels - A4 16bars loop
 9. burning wheels - B1 4bars bridge
10. burning wheels - B2 4bars bridge
11. burning wheels - B3+A4 20bars
12. burning wheels - C1 8bars no pad no cym
13. burning wheels - C1 8bars
14. burning wheels - C2 16bars
15. burning wheels - B4 8bars outro

With these loops you may adjust length & structure of song and create your own variations. Just load into your sequencer (like ACID, VEGAS…etc.), set up tempo and compose.

Tempo: 112 bpm, Key: C minor.

Mood & Keywords: Aggression, Dark, Drive, Driving, Energy, Vitality, Majestic, Heavy, Machine Part, Drum, Bass Guitar, Synthesizer, Guitar, Percussion Instrument, Industry, Industrial, Electro, Furious, Anger, Power, Effort, Speed, Cycling, Riding, Car, Race.