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Wow! Teach me masta!

:)) Hey, thanks, guys for the feedback!

This was very good man. I loved it.

Thanks a lot

Thank you

Thanks, man!

It’s simply exemplary in every regard: sound, composition, everything! I’ve been listening to it a few times a day. How can I obtain this track for listening purposes only? Do you have it on iTunes or somewhere else?

drop me a message via email

Perfect sound, awesome melody!!!! Amazing!!!!

Thanks a lot for the feedback

I’ve already commented but…Dang…great track.

Thanks, mate :)

I have no idea why this has so little sales. The mix and composition on this is stellar.

Little sales because of the mood and the genre of the music – it is not in demand :) But thanks for the feedback, Sky!

Great stuff man, really digging the harp arpeggio!


This is seriously awesome…this is about the 10th time I repeat listen :)!

Thank you very much for the feedback!