Bright Piano and Flute

Bright Piano and Flute

Bright Piano and Flute by Cinematic Score


Bright Piano and Flute
This score is a piano piece that embodies romance, joy, and love. The track is composed of dreamy piano arpeggios and a soft solo flute accompaniment. This score is perfect for marriage, love, romance, family, and any related categories. Become overwhelmed with emotion, happiness, serenity, and love as these beautiful piano movements are embellished by a magic flute melody.

Recommended use
Bright Piano and Flute sounds good in car commercials, wine commercials, jewelry commercials, fashion commercials, chocolate commercials, and flower commercials. Bright Piano and Flute also sounds good in wedding videos, elegant videos, luxury videos, wine videos, restaurant videos, and Valentine’s Day videos. Other great ideas for Bright Piano and Flute include jewelry infomercials, luxury brand presentations, fashion ads, and elegant marketing.

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Bright Piano and Flute (2:59)

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Bright Piano and Flute (2:59)

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Instruments Used
The main instruments used in Bright Piano and Flute are grand piano, orchestral wind, flute, and clarinet.

The Sound
Bright Piano and Flute works great if you need elegant music, romance cues, soft music, piano cues, and love cues. Bright Piano and Flute also works well if you’re looking for beautiful classical music, solo piano background music, background music for commercials, fragrance music, or high end modern music. Bright Piano and Flute is perfect for wedding music, photography music, background Valentine’s Day music, and heartfelt music.

Similar Composers
Bright Piano and Flute is similar to the works of composers like Evgeny Kissin, Bear McCreary, Lang Lang, Maurizio Pillini, Daniil Trifonov, and Marc-Andre Hamelin. Bright Piano and Flute also lies within the same style as composers such as Grigory Sokolov, Cliff Martinez, Krystian Zimmerman, Helene Grimaud, Martha Argerich, and Murray Perahia.

Musical Style
This cinematic score is in the style of shows like Sense 8, Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelor, House, Scandal, Off the Map, More to Love, and The Choice. This cinematic score also resembles the musical style of movies such as The Lucky One, The Notebook, Love and Other Drugs, The Lake House, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Seven Pounds. Bright Piano and Flute also has similar musical styles to brands like Clive Christian, Annick Goutal, Sonoma Cutrer, Decoy, Duckhorn Vineyards, Rombauer Vineyards, and Santa Margherita.


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Composed by Jabari Alii
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