Bright Optimistic and Successful Pack

Bright Optimistic and Successful Pack

Bright Optimistic and Successful Music – 2:31

Bright and brilliant piano playing strong chords loud and proud, as well as kind optimistic melody. Straight confident beat played by acoustic drums. Shaker and tambourine help to create driving groove in the loudest moments. Acoustic guitar plays powerful chords, it is bright and strong – full of optimism and intransigent.

There are Gibson Les Paul playing with palm mute technique corporate motives. Big Orchestral strings are accurate, clear and transparent – helping to other instruments create that exciting feeling of optimism. And at the end Rhodes – play only in the brake – refresh the sound composition and brings new interesting moment.

This background will bring optimism and excitement to your videos, slideshows and presentations

Innovational Technology – 2:27

Innovational Technology is business corporate background track in pop (EDM) style.

Played by: intense drums, deep bass, determined guitar, ambient pads, motivational piano, electronic synth.

It has fast driving beat, which creates an energetic and upbeat vibe. The bright modern sound is fresh and aspiring.

The uplifting composition gives a feeling of the success, has confident character, inspirational mood.

Perfect for: advertising, media project, promo, presentation, podcast, explainer, tutorial, headline, political promotion, youtube video, news line, commercial, financial video.

Tempo: 140 BPM
Duration: 2:27
Format: Wav

Motivational Driving Rock – 2:32

Energetic and Driving fast Rock, suit perfect for sport, extreme videos, advertisement. There is punchy drum kit playing very fast breakbeats, using percussions, such as toms, cymbals. They sound very bright, energetic and totally insane. The bass is big, gives warm low end, taking almost whole space in the mix, very thick sound. The main theme played by edgy distorted guitars and piano.

The whole composition sounds very massive and powerful, gives energy and drive, definitely inspire and motivates!

Inspiring Motivational Corporate – 2:34

Inspiring corporate background which has a motivational mood.

Played by: acoustic guitar, piano, bass, drums, electric guitars, strings.

The composition creates the success feeling, brings an optimistic vibe and confidence, gives a hope.

Will be perfect for uplifting video, aspiring video, explainer, tutorial, commercial, advertisement, business presentation, promotion.

Duration: 2:34
Tempo: 128 BPM
Format: Wav

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