Breaking News

Breaking News

Breaking News

“Breaking News” is a modern music for news! This dynamical modern track is perfect as background music for news intro, journalistic investigation, podcast, reports on TV, radio, commercial, business, corporative and broadcast projects!

Versions included:
  1. Breaking News (Main) (1:05)
  2. Breaking News (Extra Small) (0:30)
  3. Breaking News (Small without intro) (0:51)
  4. Breaking News (Large) (1:19)
Includes wav & mp3

Sounds great in:

  • news opening;
  • news background;
  • advertising/commercial;
  • journalistic investigation;
  • broadcasting;
  • business report;
  • network;
  • digital marketing;
  • news videos;
  • news countdown or timer;
  • financial videos;
  • propaganda video;
  • sport news;
  • mass media;
  • juridical video;
  • TV

Used piano, harmonics guitars, pads, bass, synths, orchestral strings, bells, sound effects, etc.

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