Breaking and Cracking Glass Collection

Breaking and Cracking Glass Collection

A collection of breaking, cracking and crashing glass,
including a complete montage for OrpheusFX’s ‘The Fashion Energy template’.
Twelve different glass Sound FX files are included:
  • Crashing Glass 1 0:02
  • Crashing Glass 2 0:02
  • Crashing Glass 3 0:01
  • Breaking Glass 1 0:01
  • Breaking Glass 2 0:01
  • Breaking Glass 3 0:02
  • Breaking Glass 4 0:02
  • Breaking Glass 5 0:01
  • Crashing Glass SlowMotion 0:06
  • Cracking 1 0:01
  • Cracking 2 0:03
  • Montage for The Fashion Energy template 01:13

    All of them as high quality WAV and mp3 files.
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                This track is working great with this Video template from OrpheusFX,
or for any other application.

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