Brazil 2014 Fiesta

Brazil 2014 Fiesta

It’s the Brasilia 2014 fiesta!

This is a dynamic and catchy track that powers celebrations across the world – not only in the world of soccer or football fans – but for anyone who feels happy and wants to dance. While this joyful track was composed primarily for use in Brasilia Cup projects, it can also be used for tourism or other sports projects – especially for those related to exotic regions of the world.

This Brasilia Cup song, which is based on African drums, does not only give you a Caribbean, Brazil or Samba drum feeling; it takes you to Brazilian beaches, where true nature and beauty embrace each other. It is the perfect Latin track for broadcasts and reportages about the Brasilia Cup’s venues and stadiums – which eventually include Brasilia’s Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha and Rio de Janeiro’s famous Estadio de Maracana (where the final will be played).

On top of that, it suits corporate videos and football-related magazine shows, or radio/TV shows that go back in history to relive old moments from classic matches or legends of the past.

This Brasilia track can also be used to recap the qualifying runs of the 32 national teams in the competition’s finals. It is also useful for match highlights, goal charts, player rankings and group presentation or football reviews – be it before, after or during the actual Brasilia tournament.

Although it was composed to be recognized as a modern football anthem, other projects or magazine shows related to tourism, tradition or culture may use this track. It is everything you need for great commercial advertisement, ceremonies and even beach parties!

Brasilia Fiesta’s composition

- Lots of percussion elements. More precisely, a strong beat made of black toms, kick, hats, snares, claps, Caribbean shakes and various types of drums.

- Several synths to simulate various instruments (including trumpets, accordion, xylophone and strings), as well as several effects to give the sounds a unique (New Age) feel.

- Deep bass to add more complexity to the track and easily make you dance.

- Windy effects, crashes and voices to enhance the transitions in the track.

Preview arrangement

- Main track between 0:00-3:54 - Logo track between 3:54-4:05

Zip files arrangement

Brasilia Cup Fiesta (WAV and MP3 formats – 3:54): This is the same first track you hear in the preview above, without the watermark. This is great for promos, commercial advertisement, compilations and highlights.

Brasilia Fiesta – Clean (WAV and MP3 formats – 3:50): This track is almost the same as the main track featured in the preview. The big difference is that it does not contain the loud fans chants, crowd shouts and applause that appear at the beginning and the end of the main track. This change makes this “clean” version perfect for corporate videos, magazine shows, trailers and dance videos.

Brasilia Cup Fiesta – Short (WAV and MP3 formats – 1:20): This is a short version of the clean version. Its short length makes it perfect for commercial advertisement, mini videos and ceremonies.

Brasilia Fiesta – Logo (WAV and MP3 formats – 0:16): A very short version of the song focused on bass sounds. This version is great for use as a background track for short presentations during events and ceremonies, TV and radio shows or interludes.

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Go for the winning goal!