Boss Hogg

Boss Hogg

This musical piece has a very “Bossy” feel to me. Very calculating and mature. The image I had in my head while making this, was of a man stepping out of his Maybach with a 3 piece suit and a hat to match. He came from a hard life, but he seems to be successful by using the lessons he’s learned since childhood. He’s aged, but yet still possesses a lot of energy and excitement.

This piece would be good for rappers and singers alike searching to stretch their talents to the limits. This musical piece would be well complimented by either a tough singer or a rapper with very aggressive lyrics. This musical piece would also be great for TV/film in expressing the brink of conflict. (Example: Two groups of people that hate each other and are finally face to face.) This piece can also be a background song to any transitional scenes in reality shows possessing a young urban flare.

Instruments used:
  • live kicks
  • 808 drums
  • hand claps
  • live snares
  • crystal hats
  • oscillated bass
  • harpsichord
  • marimba
  • tweaked synthesizer
  • horns
  • strings
  • various JQuinn layering

Instructions: Bring in the “Loop” file into your favorite editor and simply copy and paste to extend the loop to the desired length. That’s it!

Notes: File contains the loop and a lopped sample. If you need a custom intro or variations for this particular loop then feel free to contact us and we will be more then happy to help you out.


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