Blue Umbrella Commercial Song

Blue Umbrella Commercial Song

Don’t Forget Your Blue Umbrella


An ode for a rainy day. Don’t mind getting a bit wet, because, listening to this uplifting and cheerful summer shuffle the sun will shine all the time.


With beautiful male vocals and lyrics along with a rhythmic pop arrangement, this song makes you sing and dance in the rain like Fred Astaire.


The arrangement is based on a jumping piano chord with a groovy bass and drum section, with whistling, lead vocals and background vocals.


This is a perfect song for almost every kind of advertisement videos, TV shows or movies. Car commercials, insurance ads, health products, travel, you name it. Also this could be a main theme for a series.

Including tracks:

Blue Umbrella 2:29

Blue Umbrella Whistle Version 2:29

Blue Umbrella One Minute Version 1:00


I couldn’t believe my eyes

had my life, turning out

just the way that it should be

I didn’t take advice

told me twice it would change

turn its stormy side on me

those clouds were miles away

Don’t forget your blue umbrella

it’s gonna rain today

Never trust a bright blue sky

I heard the people say

Don’t forget your blue umbrella

it’s gonna rain today

Take it with you don’t ask why

It’s easy to laugh when you’re dry

Now that I know much more

I take care, take it slow

take each day as it turns out

I’m happy and rest assured

when we meet down the line

I will tell you all about

Those clouds so far away

Don’t forget…