Epic cinematic (trailer) music with beautiful and inspiring strings, touching brass and epic drums edited in 5 different versions.

Very suitable as (trailer) background music in any project that needs a truly high quality epic, emotional, hopeful, inspiring, inspirational and uplifting movie style touch.

Included Variations:
This package contains 5 different versions of the blockbuster music in both WAV and MP3 format. The main track, the main track without drums, a short version with alternative intro (less dynamics in strings), the short version without drums and a nice short teaser version which has an alternative intro and ending.

01) Blockbuster – Main Track – Marti Bros (3:00) Starts in preview at 0:00
02) Blockbuster – Main Track No Drums – Marti Bros (3:00) Starts in preview at 3:00
03) Blockbuster – Short Version – Marti Bros (1:35) Starts in preview at 6:00
04) Blockbuster – Short Version No Drums – Marti Bros (1:35) Starts in preview at 7:37
05) Blockbuster – Teaser Version – Marti Bros (1:17) Starts in preview at 9:11

Main Instruments Used:
Strings, Full Choir Consisting of Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass Voices, 12 horns, Brass, Cello, Woodwind, Female Solo Voice, Horns, Brass, Taiko Drums, Cymbals, Cinematic Percussion.

Videohive authors:
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