Big Holidays Kit

Big Holidays Kit

Big Holidays Kit - 1

This is a joyful and friendly audio jingle that helps provide a smooth and gentle background to your production. Ideal for documentaries, introduction videos, information videos including for Christmas and New Year videos, family montages, religious videos, holiday advertising, nature videos and corporate videos. The subtle nature of the track makes it ideal for voiceovers, making it a flexible tool that adds depth to your work.

Based on my original AudioJungle item:

Used strings, piano, celesta, xylophone, vibraphone, choir, flutes, clarinet, oboe, French horns, brass, orchestra harp, jingle bells, orchestra percussion.

Wave files included in this KIT:

01_Intro (0:08) Short, Mood01 based

02_Mood01 (0:16) First mood

03_Mood02_Bassoon (0:16) Second mood, bassoon as main

04_Mood01_Choir_WoodWinds (0:16) First mood, choir and wood winds as main

05_Mood02_Brass (0:16) Second mood, brass as main

06_Mood02_Choir_Celesta (0:16) Second mood, choir and celesta as main

07_Mood01_Trumpet (0:16) First mood, trumpet as main

08_Mood02_Flutes (0:16) Second mood, flutes as main

09_Mood01_Clarinet (0:16) First mood, clarinet as main

10_Mood02_Choir_Bassoon (0:16) Second mood, choir and bassoon as main

11_Outro (0:08) Short, Mood01 based

12_EndTone (0:04) End tone

Demo ready for use

Demo01_AllMainSections – 2:49

Demo02_Short – 2:00

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The pictures below show the mood of the track.

Big Holidays Kit - 3

Big Holidays Kit - 4

Big Holidays Kit - 5

Big Holidays Kit - 6