Big Game Celebrations Pack

Big Game Celebrations Pack


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This pack is a compilation of 9 sound effects specially designed for games. This sounds can be easily placed in a lot of games nowadays.

Big Game Celebrations Pack includes (as heard on the preview):

- Celebration 2 (0:07)

- Game Celebration (0:07)

- Celebration 1 (0:04)

- Fantasy Game Achievement Win 2 (0:05)

- Fantasy Game Achievement Win 1 (0:03)

- Orchestral Crescendo Logo (0:08)

- Orchestral Crescendo Logo 2 (0:07)

- Small Orchestral Achievement (0:03)

- Fantasy Game Level Up (0:07)

A total of 9 professional high quality game sound effects.

Suitable for children games, slot machines, quiz games, etc…


- The purchase includes WAV and MP3 formats, but be aware that MP3 adds bits of silence to both ends of the file.

- If you will use the Big Game Celebrations Pack in several projects, please, see the multi-use license.


Please let me know if you want any changes with this SFX like changing pitch, speed, make similar sounds and even full pack of new sounds similar to this one.

Feel free to contact me for custom music, custom SFX , custom Voice Overs, comments and suggestions, mailing to:

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Thanks, Albert.