Big Band Jazz Pack

Big Band Jazz Pack


Big Band Jazz Pack - 1

Important: This package contains songs which have different versions of it. To listen to each individual versions please click on desired track link. In this preview you will hear the main file of each songs only.

1. Big Band Jazz Party 2:02 @ (0:00 to 2:02 in preview)
A jazzy Big Band soundtrack with punchy brass, cool bass lines, catchy piano solos, epic drums and a whole lot of party fun. (2 versions)

  1. Big Band Jazz Party (full version) 2:02
  2. Big Band Jazz Party (37s edit) 0:37

2. Big Band Funk 2:37 @ (2:02 to 4:05 in preview)
Upbeat Big Band funky soundtrack with punchy brass, vintage electric piano, cool drum & percussions and a whole lot of fun. (2 versions + 2 loops)

  1. Big Band Funk (full version) 2:03
  2. Big Band Funk (1min 9s edit) 1:09
  3. Big Band Funk (loop 1) 0:34
  4. Big Band Funk (loop 2) 0:34

3. Jazz It Up 2:12 @ (4:05 to 6:18 in preview)
A jazzy soundtrack with upbeat drums, claps, punchy brass and a whole lot of fun. (4 versions)
  1. Jazz It Up (full version) 2:12
  2. Jazz It Up (1m24s edit) 1:24
  3. Jazz it Up (punchy brass beginning – short) 1:03
  4. Jazz it Up (punchy brass beginning) 1:51
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Big Band Jazz Pack - 2

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