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I like the vocals :) very cool ! Good Luck with this one . Cheers!

Wow! Very positive atmosphere! Good job! ;)

Great track! Nice work Dirtyflint.

HA:) Good one, Alex!

A really funny track – I think we will hear this song the next time the whole day long in countless tv spots :-)

The lead vocal sounds a bit like Borat for me, really cool, I love it :-D

Wish you all the best and good luck, Michael

“The lead vocal sounds a bit like Borat for me, really cool, I love it” – It must be so. ;)

Lol :P Great one! That’s really funny!

Brilliant! Very funny! Great collaboration :D

Wow-wow-wow! Many comments.. I like it! =)
Thank you all, people! Very pleasantly, really,

this is awesome! I’m bookmarking this for next year’s Valentine’s day AE template :)

Ho-ho! Great news for me, FluxVFX. Thanks you! =)

I think I might go ahead and make a Valentine’s template even though Valentine’s day is over. This song has inspired me too much!

Wow… As you wish, Flux. I’ll be grateful. =)

awesome team work!!

Thanks, Webarteo!

Best valentine song so far here on AJ!!!

Thanks you, Basspartout, but… Nooo. Other authors have songs better. But my most fun! =)))

Great funny song! And it is a very very catchy song! I hope it highlights this year, this song deserves a lot of sales.

Thank you, ilovemedia-es. Yeah! =)

Very nice work! :)

=))) Thanks, Andy!

Unforgettable song :)

:))) Thank you, Cyril!