Battle Pack

Battle Pack


p> Powerful, brave, uplifting epical compositions bring confidence, feeling of adventure. These songs are perfect for inspiring, solemn, heroic moments. Suitable for military and patriotic slideshows, projects, movies and documentaries. They can be useful for fantasy, historical films and adventure films, movies about superheros. Movies about war, battles and victory would be very emotional and exiting being accompanied by this music. These compositions are perfect for games, advertisements and teasers. Also they can be used as a background for beautiful, powerful and emotional videos, trailers, intros and many other projects!
Battle Pack is energetic, emotional, impressive cinematic music played by orchestral strings and cellos, female vocal samples, brasses, horns, dramatic drums.

Battle Pack is positive and triumphant cinematic music played by piano, orchestral strings and cellos, brasses, horns, dramatic drums.

Zip contains wav and mp3 files.
Each track has several versions:

1. Epic Battle

Epic Full – 1:54
Epic Medium – 1:03
Epic Medium else – 1:02
Epic Short – 0:34
Epic Shorter– 0:18

3 . Heroic

Epic Full – 1:50
Epic Medium – 1:15
Epic Medium else – 1:00
Epic Short – 0:32

2.  Dramatic Epic

Epic Full – 1:58
Epic Medium – 1:29
Epic Short – 0:59
Epic Shortest – 0:29

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