Backgrounds for Great Awards Pack

Backgrounds for Great Awards Pack


Backgrounds for Great Awards Pack – Three majestic, epic and inspirational tracks that will make your project a delightful and memorable! Is a triumphal and solemn background music with piano, drums, brass, strings, cello and other instruments. A celebratory, majestic and inspiring music featuring bold, triumphant brass, soaring violins and explosive percussion. Beautiful, powerful and inspirational music! Tracks executed professionally and efficiently, so the effect on the listener is guaranteed! Motivational, emotional and uplifting cinematic music. Evolving and building into a positive, optimistic and contemplative culmination with piano, strings and epic drums. One for all the moments of Strength, Inspiration, Wonder, Pride and Dedication. Suitable for award ceremony, opening of the festival, awarding the winners, achievements in sport, wedding ceremonies, Valentine’s Day, sports video, Olympic awards, passage on the red carpet, interviews, news, podcasts, commercial, social, web video, presentations, promotions, drone video, after effect projects, video animation of shape, television, tv show, advertising, slideshows and any project that needs a grand, celebratory orchestral fanfare.

This is inspiring and cinematic tracks perfect for any inspirational, successful and uplifting projects!

Included in this pack :

  1. In Awards – 2:45
  2. In Awards (Short version 01) – 1:43
    In Awards (Short version 02) – 1:10
    In Awards (Teaser version) – 0:38
    In Awards (Loop version) – 2:35

  3. Grand Awards – 2:20
  4. Grand Awards (Short version) – 1:16
    Grand Awards (Loop version) – 1:04

  5. This Is Awards – 2:17
  6. This Is Awards (Short version 01) – 1:13
    This Is Awards (Short version 02) – 1:10
    This Is Awards (Loop version) – 2:08

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